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The PHD Books!

Signed copies of the PHD books now available! Get Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4 and Book 5 !

The Procrastination COLLECTION!
Get all 5 books as a bundle and save!

Price: $60.00


Price: $12.00
PHD Book 1
Collects the first 5 years of PHD!

Price: $13.50
PHD Book 2
See Mike's Thesis Defense!

Price: $13.50
PHD Book 3
Read the after-word by You!

Price: $15.00
PHD Book 4
The fourth chapter in the endless saga, in FULL COLOR!

The fifth comic collection is the BIGGEST ONE YET! Over 330 of your favorite comics in FULL COLOR!
Signed copies available: Click here!

Price: $17.00


Price: $12.95
The Doctor Mug
Broadcast your qualifications

Price: $12.95
World's Best Advisor*
Do you dare?!

Price: $12.95
Motivation Chart Mug
Track your ups and downs

Price: $15.00
The Thesis Fuel Mug
Power up your thesis.

It's time to buy a new one. Screen-printed 100% cotton
Buy one, buy a couple!


The TA Shirt
Be clear about how helpful you are willing to be.

Order now!

Click for Men's Sizes
Click for Women's Sizes

Price: $17.50/$18.50

Price: $18.00
The Origin of the Theses
Unnatural Selection?.

In Organic Cotton!

Price: $18.00
Thesis Baby Onesie!
Which due date is first?

In Organic Cotton!

Price: $18
Recycle (Ideas)
A reusable shirt for a sustainable academic career.
Now shipping !

Price: $16.00
Thesis Writing in Progress
Back by popular demand! Give ample warning to the surrounding population.
Now in Organic Cotton!

Price: $17.00
Grad School: It seemed better than getting a real job
Display your school spirit with a little irony.
Order now!

Price: $18.50
Grad School Babydoll T-shirt
We're not sure the model on the left is actually a grad student, but she could be.
Order now !

Price: $19.95
The Tree-Hugger
For the nature-loving tree-hugger in your life.

Order now!

Price: $18.00
The Doctor T-shirt
Indulge in one of the few perks of this whole ordeal.
Give it to someone who's graduating!!

Back in stock!

Price: $18.50
Women in Grad School: Women of Valor
The few, the proud, the over-educated.
New printing now shipping!

Price: $18
The Mike Shirt
It's called "research."

Order Now!

Price: $18.50
The Data Shirt
Proclaim your true love.

Order now: men / women

Price: $17.00
Don't Bother Me Shirt
Give undergrads ample warning

Order Now!

The PHD Movie!!

The PHD Movie DVD!!
It's here! Take the movie home, or give it to your parents, friends or other sympathizers. Region Free.

Watch the trailer:
Now shipping!

Price: $17.00

Price: $18.50
Movie Shirt 1 "My Life"
Ever have one of those days?

Price: $17.50
Movie Shirt 2 "Why??"
For your daily existential crisis.

Price: $17.50
Movie Shirt 3 "Obey Your Professor"
You must obey.


The PHD Movie 2 DVD!!
It's here! Take the movie home, or give it to your parents, friends or other sympathizers.

The Nameless Grad Student and his group must travel to an important academic conference and square off against a rival group. Meanwhile, Cecilia has to finish writing her thesis or be stuck in grad school another year.

It's a comedy. Region Free. Now shipping!

Price: $18.00

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